How to Change Case of Text on Clipboard on Mac

In my daily routine, I often find situations where I need to change the case of some text. It’s either to lowercase from uppercase or vice versa.

While websites like ConvertCase exist, but logging in to them is just an extra step that I want to avoid.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could change case of text directly from your keyboard, without switching to another app?

Thankfully, it’s possible. In this article, I will tell you two ways which allow streamlining the process of changing the case of your text, all without you having to move your hands.

Let’s dive in.

Changing the case of any selected text

Both the methods I am about to elaborate involve downloading and installing Raycast.

For those unfamiliar, Raycast is a launcher tool similar to Mac’s native Spotlight, but with significantly more capabilities. And the best part? The majority of its features are completely free to use, with a vast library of over a thousand free extensions, some of which can even replace standalone Mac apps.

Here are two extensions you can use to convert your text from one case to another:

ChangeCase extension

The one extension we are interested in particularly is called ‘ChangeCase’ and can be installed directly from within Raycast. Once you install Raycast, open it with the shortcut (Cmd + Space) → type ’store’ and then search for the ‘ChangeCase’ extension.

Once you find it, install it by pressing the ‘Enter’ key, and you are now all set.

You copy a piece of text, then type ‘Change case’ in Raycast. Once the extension shows up, you paste the copied text and select a case you want.

There are nearly 20 case options to which you can convert your text, including camelCase, snake_case, Capitalized, pascal-case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase.

Here’s a working demo:

changing the case of any text on Mac using the changecase extension on Raycast

This extension supports auto-loading of selected text from the current app and also pasting the converted text to the active app. You can tweak them from the extensions’ settings.

All in all, it works flawlessly, is reliable and works without throwing up any surprises.

Using an AI extension like ChatGPT

Raycast allows you to access all popular AI tools directly from your home-row, without lifting your fingers or leaving your work. You don’t have to switch windows or go to any website, either.

✏️ Note: You don’t have to be a paying member of Raycast to use AI features in it. You can use all kinds of extensions for almost every major AI platform. Read more about it here: How to use AI in Raycast for FREE

There’s a Raycast extension for every popular AI tool: ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini, Groq, or Claude AI. You can search for them by in the ‘store’ within Raycast.

To use these extensions, you’ll need to obtain an API key by creating an account on their respective websites. While ChatGPT’s and Claude’s APIs require a small fee (around $5), Gemini’s and Groq’s are free.

Once you’ve entered your API keys, you’re all set. To streamline your workflow further, assign a keyboard shortcut to launch the extension and give your command. I have set mine to Hyper key + 2.

For instance, if I want to change the case of any text, I’ll copy it first and then pass it to the AI tool using the assigned shortcut along with a command.

Here’s a working demo:

Demo - Adding a few numbers using ChatGPT extension in Raycast

Some of these extensions even have the capability to automatically load your highlighted text as input, so you don’t even have to copy it to your clipboard.

And you’re not just limited to changing the case of text —you can perform various other text-related tasks, such as word and character counting, translation, code formatting etc.

Another nice use-case is adding a few entities which are in different formats. For example, sometimes, I prefer to measure the usage of RAM by my browser. I open up the activity monitor, scan the list using the ScreenOCR extension (available in Raycast) and pass it to the ChatGPT extension to add all the numbers.

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ChatGPT does all that, even when some units are in GB, while others are in GB. It automatically converts them to appropriate units, adds them and gives me the result, almost instantly.

How to add a few numbers quickly using AI in raycast without moving your fingers or typing them manually

The workflow couldn’t get smoother.

So, there you have it. No more switching tabs or opening separate apps just to change case or count words or characters in a piece of text. Everything can now be done right from your keyboard.

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Thanks for reading. ✌️