[Solved] Vue Autocomplete Not Working in VS Code

If you’re developing Vue apps in Visual Studio Code, you might have noticed that the official Vue extension doesn’t offer full autocompletion. Specifically, when working within HTML tags, Vue-specific autocompletion doesn’t kick in unless you type out a Vue-specific attribute name, like @keydown or v-if. Even when you’ve typed out the entire event name, you … Read more

Awesome Arc Browser Tips and Tricks

Awesome Arc browser tips and tricks

Arc Browser is a newcomer in a fiercely competitive browsing space that’s gaining much attention. The Browser Company of New York, creator of the Arc browser recently secured a $50M funding at a valuation of $550M which hints at potential of this browser. While some of its design choices have sparked debate (like the unchangeable … Read more

Codeium Keyboard Shortcuts for VS Code (on Mac)

Codeium (not to be confused with Codium.ai) is a coding assistant that’s been generating a lot of buzz with its completely free offering for individuals. It has extensions for most popular text editors and IDEs and even supports a wide range of coding languages! However, since it’s so new (their website was only registered in … Read more

How to Access Files Without Exiting Full Screen on Mac

If you’re obsessed with distraction-free, full-screen workspaces (like me), you know the pain of needing a file and having to break your focus to find it. But what if you didn’t have to? Thankfully, there’s an app that lets you access your files and folders without ever leaving full-screen mode. Drag, drop, and everything else … Read more