4 Awesome tricks to Change the Default Fonts in Excalidraw

Excalidraw’s default font choices are controversial. Not everybody likes its handwriting font. So you may want to change this default font to something more legible or a font that shows your brand identity. There are four ways to change the default fonts in Excalidraw. Read on to find out. Excalidraw is a pretty thought-out piece … Read more

Awesome Apps that Raycast Can Easily Replace

If you are not using Raycast on Mac, you should. It is like the spotlight on your Mac, just a hundred times better. I bought my first MacBook about 10 months ago. I have been a lifetime user of Windows. So, for the first nine months, I was pretty unimpressed with the MacOS. Then, I … Read more

The Ultimate Excalidraw Tutorial for Beginners

Complete Excalidraw Tutorial for Beginners

Excalidraw is a free online whiteboarding tool that lets you draw and sketch with ease. What sets it apart is the way its diagrams feel almost like they’ve been hand-drawn. Unlike many other tools claiming to support hand-drawn elements, Excalidraw’s drawings come closest to capturing that natural, handwritten vibe. This is one of the reasons … Read more

Creating Hand-drawn Flowcharts with ChatGPT and Excalidraw

Creating hand drawn flowcharts using ChatGPT and Excalidraw

I have a soft spot for hand-drawn illustrations and flowcharts over computer-generated ones. There’s something inviting about hand-drawn designs that impart a human touch, unlike the sterile, precise lines of computer-made diagrams. While tidy flowcharts with perfectly straight lines look organized, they often lack that personal, hand-drawn vibe that connects with people. That’s one reason … Read more