17+ Awesome Excalidraw Tips for Insane Productivity

Excalidraw tips and tricks: Relative size of Solid fill, Hachure and cross-hatch in Excalidraw

Excalidraw’s main strength lies in its simplicity. It doesn’t overwhelm you with a load of features or options. It’s easy to pick up and get started with, allowing you to create impressive drawings within just a few minutes. However, it’s easy to be fooled by its simplicity and minimalism into thinking it’s lacking in features. … Read more

How to Create an FAQ Accordion with VueJS

FAQ Accordion in Vue JS

Do you want to learn how to create an FAQ accordion with VueJS? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) accordion is a common feature on many websites. Frameworks like Bootstrap implement FAQ accordion but most of them use jQuery. FAQ accordion is a simple enough task that can be implemented well with vanilla JavaScript but creating it … Read more

CSS Margins: An ULTIMATE guide


Margin in CSS is the blank space outside of an element that separates it from other elements. Margins are different from padding which creates space within the element. In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything – margin declaration syntax, margin shorthand property, negative margins, collapsing margins, the difference between CSS Margin and Padding, and some … Read more

The ULTIMATE Guide to CSS Padding (with a free printable)

CSS padding: The ultimate guide

The CSS padding property is used to create transparent space between the content and borders of an element. Padding is different from the margin, which is used to create transparent space between an element and other elements. Padding is used to make page elements visually appealing and aesthetic. For example, when we create a heading … Read more