Codeium Keyboard Shortcuts for VS Code (on Mac)

Codeium (not to be confused with is a coding assistant that’s been generating a lot of buzz with its completely free offering for individuals. It has extensions for most popular text editors and IDEs and even supports a wide range of coding languages! However, since it’s so new (their website was only registered in … Read more

How to Launch Raycast with a Single Key

How to Launch Raycast with a Single Key

Raycast has become an absolutely indispensable tool for me. It handles so many tasks, from app launching to quick calculations to clipboard manager and whatnot. Originally, I used the same shortcut to trigger it as Spotlight (Cmd + Space) because it seemed logical. The problem? Raycast is so much more powerful, and I found myself … Read more

MacOS Shortcuts for Missing Windows Keys

If you are looking for a keyboard shortcut on Mac that’s equivalent to the PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, Insert, Delete, or Print Screen key on a Windows or Mac’s full-sized keyboard, read on. This article will list all the alternative keyboard shortcuts you can use on smaller Macbooks. I recently bought a MacBook after being … Read more